Written: 3/14/09

"And I swore, I swore I would be true,
but honey so did you…"

What the fuck was I thinking, I can't believe I fell for this again.
"I swear I've changed Cori", now I'm stuck in Georgia, no means to an end
All we do is find ways to piss each other off, who can be the most evil?
With each punch we've only gotten better at being fake and deceitful.  
In front of our dinner party guests we put on the show of a lifetime,
One more of these goddamn performances and I'm bound to be prime-time.
I was free from you, started a whole new life and found new men,
Now I'm trapped in this military house, my only friend is this ink pen.
I've tried to find a way to love you, I've tried to see the best in you,
There's nothing behind us except lies and adultery, things we can't undo.
You've got another kid with that local bitch, takin' money from my kids.
How's she gonna come to my house and somehow I'm handcuffed by the pigs?
You sleep with such ease, how? like you haven't fucked up my idea of love
My kids don't have any peace, they always see their Mom spittin' up blood
"She drank too much Kool-aid Jordan", that's your excuse for my red vomit
You don't deserve to be a parent, I'm always fixing every broken promise.
The Army knows you're FUBAR, they're lettin' you skate by cause they need
a body to fire those Iraqi rockets, they don't care for you, it's greed.
One day you'll wake up to an empty house, filled only with your regret.
I'll make sure to leave one bullet in your 9, you always win at roulette.

2008-Family portraits-"Cori, even if you're breaking down on the inside
you need to smile on the outside for the sake of your Soldier." was the
advice given to me by the Army physician that treated me for a mild
concussion and swollen eye following an argument at my home.

2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. …Out of this pain came beauty; this person we now know. The one with strength a poise. The one forever grown. Scars now showing by him brought to light. New love coming along making everything right…I love you Cori! Your story has power. Your love story with your soul mate has give me hope that we can escape the demons of abuse and love again!


  2. I never thought I would be able to go a day without the pain and torment being first and foremost in mind, until I met Shane. He keeps so much of my demons at bay…..I have bad days, of course, but the second I see him it fades. You WILL find someone who will only see you for the beautiful person you are and the bad memories will become an afterthought! And I can’t wait to see that happen!!!!!


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