Written: 10/15/12


Jesus take the fuckin' wheel, I'm losing control of all my senses.
Just his name, his eyes, makes it all worth the lies and consequences.
I know what we're doing is wrong, I know he's hurting that girl he's with.
But she means nothing to me; she thinks it hurts me to be called a bitch.
My motto was strong as ever, "If you can't join 'em, fuck 'em", but it's fading.
He could make me change my name, make me change myself with some persuading.
I'd have to kill this kid to get his sweet words and smile out of my fucking head,
I'd have scour my skin, burn my sheets to get his smell out of my pores and bed.
I've begged for this feeling, wrote about it for years, needing a man to save me.
When God decided to create man he waited to make this one, sent here to tame me.
Even in an untouched field of open space I'd hear his heartbeat, I'm so whipped.
I'd slit the throat of any man I've loved before, I feel foolish for mistaking it.
I am ripped on each corner, my ink is faded, but he still sees a masterpiece.
I've spent so many years seeking solace in the heartache I caused along my way,
but when he first touched me I found peace; and I knew I'd never be the same.

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