Baby, I’ve been fucking stupid and acted like a child,

You don’t need that other bitch, she ain’t wiiiiild.

Say the word and I’m in my car cruisin’ to you,

say the word and I’d leave it all behind for you.

I’m tired of tryin’ to act like my mind is right,

Fidelity seems to be my constant goddamned plight.

I have no other words than to say “I’m a fool” angel,

I know you’re not mine yet, but I still feel unfaithful.

I’m a poison-filled woman with an attitude, a vendetta,

but you’re so fucking good, your soul should be a mecca.

When I’m with you I feel like I’m on fire, burning desire;

Might as well light this and burn it together; higher.

That smile you’ve got, makes me wanna change my name,

I’ve tried to buy my happiness, but I’ve got expensive taste.

I don’t know what’s makin’ me think about what I should do,

Jesus, it’s so clear that my life is meant to be lived with you.

I won’t let my indecisiveness cause what we have to end,

so you just hop on a plane, I’m ready for our life to begin.








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