Journal entry: 9/15/14

  • The touch of just one finger can send chills up your spine
  • Seeing a text from him as soon as you wake up
  • When he’s had a bad day and you’d do anything to cheer him up…
  • And when he tries his best on your bad days
  • Getting butterflies every time you see him
  • Having nice things done for you without having to drop hints
  • When he looks at you while you’re out, he looks at ONLY you
  • When you have the same sick sense of humor
  • Feeling yourself smile for no reason other than his presence
  • Every kiss feels like the very first kiss you shared
  • You start to forget the past and only care about your future, together
  • Laying next to him, hearing him snore, and NOT murdering him
  • Knowing that he loves your children and that they love him just as much
  • Being asked how your day was, even when he already knows you did nothing
  • Making new memories that replace any old memories, like taping over a VHS
  • Knowing that if you were in a disaster he would be your first phone call….
  • And he’d be your first phone call if you land in the clink
  • Getting a candy bar as a surprise…that beats flowers any day
  • Finally knowing what 100% trust feels like, to never “what if”
  • Being told your beautiful when you’re in your sweats and ponytail

I know this is love. I feel this is love. I am blessed to have this love. I am so in love.

↓Our first “date”…Cincinnati Bengals vs NY Giants. Bengals won. Who Dey!


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