Journal entry: 5/26/16

The past few days, actually more like 12 days, I have been feeling terrible.
I frequently get migraines but they have been extremely intense and my meds
haven't been helping at all. I have this pounding ache, like I'm standing next 
to a drum. Just touching my scalp feels like needles, it's the only thing I 
can manage to think about. I haven't been able to eat a lot, I have less of an
interest than usual. I know I'm dehydrated, I've stopped drinking as much water,
I mean, it's all I drink. No soda, no tea, no kool-aid....just water, so I've 
also lost all interest in that too. I'm sure that's what is causing my migraines,
so I really have been trying to be better at my intake, but when you never
have the "hunger pains" or have the thirst for something. I'm never hungry,
I never feel thirsty, I get no cravings anymore....and I vomit at the most
random times. I could be mid-meal and all of the sudden something is like 
"Time to come back up". I make dinner for my family, sometimes spending an
hour or more making some new recipe, and then I sit down and two bites in I 
know it isn't going to work for me. So I vomit, choke up my food and then get
to sit in my living room and watch everyone else enjoy their meal, sometimes
seconds. I miss normality.

Cori out.

2 thoughts on “May 26th

  1. I hate that you feel so horrid. Possibly: iron level? Depression? B12 level? Definitely dehydration honey -try water w/electrolytes maybe? Vitamin D? I know it’s hard for you to retain vitamins, especially when you have these periods of anorexia, so PLEASE make sure you take ALL supplements. …I miss normal, for you, as well. We need to find a suitable ‘new normal” sweetheart. I love you so much, my heart hurts for you. Keep on keeping on baby girl. Maybe after I go to 10 hrs a week in July, we can spend more time just doing simple, basic, normal things together.


    1. I went to the doctor, have fluid in my ear drum and she said I have the worst tension migraine she’s ever seen. My neck/shoulder muscle is so tight she said it feels like it could snap. She injected it…”trigger point” injections and prescribed a muscle relaxer and new migraine med. If it doesn’t get better in a few days I have to go back


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