You ever tried to outrun your own demise?

Duckin’ behind a whiskey shot, you try to hide.

Tight shirt, tighter skirt and a phone at the ready,

To take some photos of the chaos, your bestest selfies…

One shot. Down. Two shot. Down. Three shot….shot….shot…down.

Laughing so loud your voice begins to crack, but your soul….it frowns.

Your outfit is just right girl, you got your pick of the Tiki Bob’s litter.

Scan. Shot. Laugh. Is it the tequila lime or your life making you bitter?

Your friend walks in, some dude in tow. Could be a fun game to play.

But in time less than that of a second he drew you his way….

You stare into eyes you’re certain are a new shade of brown.

You mumble through an attempt at words,  feeling like a damn clown.

You no longer notice another being in this space, it’s now just you two.

Through the bass and the beat, you softly say “Can I, maybe, kiss you?”

He rejects you, he’s loyal to his lady. You certainly can respect loyalty.

You walk away. Shot. Glance. Smile. His face is what makes poetry….

He’s leaving for his flight, no more distractions can delay this plane.

He leaves, you sigh. But a message from him arrives; he feels the same.

Journal entry: 10/7/2012

This. Is. My. Soulmate. I just spent the most wonderful 2 days with the man sent here to heal this tired soul. His lips are like satin, his hands are so gentle…..I know what we’re doing is a “sin”, but I’d continue to do this again and again. I woke up once in the middle of the night, stared out the hotel window for a few seconds….I felt at home. I felt at peace. He was sleeping so sound….he is majestic. 

Cori out.

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