You say I’ve got ice runnin’ through my veins,

That my words cut you deep, wounds that can’t ever heal;

You say I take every piece of a man with my looks of disdain.

That I’m a narcissistic bitch, a heart made of iron steel.

Mother fucker, why do you continue to speak my name?

That ice cold soul you speak of was formed by your hands,

Holdin’ my head under, drowning out the life I tried to make.

Luckily I pulled the drain plug in time to end your commands.

Aside from the two lives and a little money, you contributed shit.

Watching you berate my children and turn on your machismo facade.

Your embellished stories of combat and warzones,  even a bullet?

If you infect them with lies again I promise you’ll meet your God.

I regret many things in my life, but you take the grand prize.

Looking back now, that time in ’03, I should’ve slit your throat.

I can take a hit when need be, but to taint the innocence in his eyes….

Know this, you are alive because I fear a trial jury’s vote.

October 2012

I am filing for divorce.

I am walking away from the only life I know.

I will make it.

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