My heart rate is increasing…

Calm down, keep breathing.

I think I’m going to die…

You say this every time.

It’s blurry, it’s hard to see…

It’s in your head. You’re so weak.

But what if this is THE time…

It never is, you never die.

But what if this is-

You know you’re fine! Fuck!

I can’t calm myself down…

Then give in, take that pill now.

But I’ve done so good without it…

Yeah, it shows, you seem fit.

I hate these panic attacks…

If you were strong, you’d relax.

I do my best to hold it together…

You think you’re actually better?

Will this ever go away…

No. I like you this way.

But I used to be so strong and-

That part of you is gone.

Then what’s the point of trying…

So don’t. Practice the art of dying.

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