Journal entry: 9.25.12 

Went out with the girls last night, busted into Tiki Bob’s like we owned the fucking place, but they let us….so when in Rome, right? Same old shit, different Saturday. And then…..H-O-L-Y   S-H-I-T….I heard angels singing, all the noise disappeared. He came in with Jenni and I was at the bar ordering a round of Tequila shots; I was talking to Andrea and time just stopped. It stopped. Like, every romantic movie, he swayed in…..somehow it was slow motion. Fucking Tequila. Jenni introduced him to Andrea and my eyes never left this kid; I whispered in Andrea’s ear “Yeah, he’s mine.” He stuck out his hand and said “Hey, what’s up. I’m Shane”. Told him I’d heard a little bit about him and Jenni said “Yeah, she’s the man-eater I told you about.” Whatever that means, but ok. I asked him if he’d like a shot, he said he didn’t drink…….so, he took a shot. I danced, I laughed, I drank, I smoked, I danced some more, I definitely drank some more, I told him that I wanted to kiss him. He said he had a girlfriend….I said I had a husband…..explained a little bit about the worthlessness of Mr. Reel. He wouldn’t allow me to kiss him, didn’t feel right since he had a chick. Drank some more, laughed some more, danced some more… I can’t even guess how much time passed, but I know it was 3am, cause the “last chance to get a piece” lights kicked on. On the walk to Steak n’ Shake I dropped back from the group a bit, just far enough that I could let him know that I felt this weird connection to him….told him again that I wanted to kiss him. He smiled. I knew it…..I got him. We had the most perfect first kiss…the kind that’s not really a kiss because it’s so soft. We talked about fantasy football, talked about my kids, talked about some bullshit I’ve never told anyone….he left on a plane about 4 hours ago. Even as I write this I’m smiling, which is crazy because I don’t know this dude…but strike me dead right now if I’m lying, I will marry that man. I’m in love. I’m am so in love with him. Fuck. I can’t wait to see how this story ends…..Cori out.


 There will never be enough words to describe this incredible human being. I thought I knew love, I thought I had been in love, I thought I had been loved but I was ignorant. You see it in the movies and you hear about it in songs and you never think that kind of love can exist, but it does…and it’s better than any other fucking thing I’ve ever experienced.